Robert Durish

Software Engineer
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C# Developer Developer iPhone/iPad Developer Applications Developer Project Manager Web Developer

I am an experienced and highly motivated developer specializing in .Net and Apple technologies. I enjoy adapting to the changes in technology and overcoming the challenges of programming complex projects.

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About Me

I am a devoted husband, father and programmer. Originally from New Jersey I graduated with high honors from DeVry University with a BS Information Systems in 2007, during this time I was also service as president of the Golden Key Honor Society. After getting some great development experience it was time to move to North Carolina where I started my own web development business.

After running a successful business for a couple of years (while making some awesome projects) I became a father and needed more time to be with family, so I got back on the job market, but I keep a close relationship with all my old clients and still help them as needed. I enjoy programming, I think, more than the average person; so I am still taking on side jobs as I can to keep creating amazing web projects, while working at Advanced Detection to help keep our country safe!

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Web Development

Web design and development

I have a network of designers who create world-class designs, all to meet different budgets.


Application Development

Windows and OSX app development

Creating enterprise grade apps for your business large or small.


Mobile Apps

IOS Devlopment

Have an idea? Let me bring your idea to life and get it on the App Store for the world to enjoy!


Over the years I have learned many programming languages and technologies. At Advanced Detection, I have been amerced in circuitry and sensor/micro-controller programming, expanding my skills even further!

Obj-C (IOS Development)
MS SQL Server / MySQL
JavaScript / JQuery
Reporting (SSRS / Crystal Reports)
Java / Android Development
Arduino Programming


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    I have been very fortunate to have jobs at all top companies in their industry, right out of College. At each one of these jobs I was able to learn the trade from the top people in their respective fields, which has made me a well-rounded developer.

  • March 17th , 2014 to Present
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    Current Job

    Advanced Detection Technology VP of Technology and Customer Support

    Advanced Detection Technology is the leading Under-Vehicle Inspection system, it is used around the world to protect military bases, events and police checkpoints. At Advanced Detection I program the software and sensors that help detect foreign objects under the vehicle, this is a very humbling job where success is paramount which really helps keep me motivated and on top of my skills. Besides developing this amazing technology, I am also in charge of the companies IT Security and website.

  • Dec 12th , 2011 to March 14, 2014
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    Hudson Horizons, Inc. Senior Web / Mobile Applications Developer

    Hudson Horizons is a full service web, social media and advertising shop. I returned to Hudson Horizons when my child was born and wanted to have a more stable lifestyle from owning my own business. I worked on the high-level projects at this company as well as all iPhone/iPad development.

  • May 11th , 2009 to December 9th , 2011
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    Creative Drive, LLC Owner / Developer

    Creative Drive was my web development company. I had created my own content management system (CMS) and offered the enterprise grade CMS to businesses in my area. Creating several large social media websites including TweetMySong and TweetMyMixtape which made a name for the company in the music / social arena.

  • Feb 4th , 2008 to May 8th , 2009
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    Hudson Horizons, Inc. Lead Developer

    Hudson Horizons was a SEO and web development company. I was a high level developer at this company reporting only to the VP of Technology. I worked on all the companies projects that require a high level of development and optimization. I also headed the Video department setting the company up for additional revenue from Video Blogs and ChromaKey technologies.

  • Nov 16th , 2004 to Feb 1st , 2008
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    Dulcian, Inc. Project Manager / Developer

    Dulcian was my first job in the programming field. I started in 2004 as an intern and very quickly worked my way up to project manager. Learned database architecture and design from Oracle Group president, Dr. Paul Dorsey. A main highlight of this company was the development and management of their Oracle World award winning project, Questor: Survey Generation Tool.

DeVry University

Bachelors of Science in Information Systems with Honors.

DeVry University is where I learned the core computer and programming skills needed to thrive in the industry. While at DeVry, I was involved with the Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society, President of the Golden Key Honor Society and recieved the Senior Project Capstone Award for building a custom made Content Management and Payment System for the Edison Chamber of Commerce.

Jefferson Township High School


Jefferson Township High School is a four-year comprehensive community high school. In high school I enjoyed the computer classes and played on the Varsity Baseball Team, the Falcons.


Application Development
IOS Development
Web Development


He is an extraordinarily reliable and trustworthy individual who is thoughtful and helpful. He makes it his business to understand your business and does the right thing each and every time.

10 out of 10 - He's the best!

Very quick turnaround, great job, thank you!

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